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As we prepare for the end of the year, the excitement of Christmas is often mingled with complicated emotions as we reflect on the events of the last 12 months. In the 24/7 news coverage, we see so much that is wrong with the world — Hurting people who hurt others, natural disasters that decimate homes and take lives, leaders who have turned their backs on God’s Word. Many may ask where is God in all of this. Of course, that answer is found in Psalm 34:18: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in Spirit.” In her letter, Dr. Brenda shares a testimony of the goodness of God through tragedy and tells us how we can join Him in His redemptive work.

It is with much joy and anticipation that I wish you a Merry Christmas! The celebration of the birth of our Savior is the highlight of the year to all who are in God’s family. Here at Helping Hands, we have just celebrated a special birthday of our own — the second birthday of our Village of Eden Medical Clinic. We have treated over 7,500 patients, given hundreds of immunizations, ministered to many pregnant mothers and HIV-affected clients, given out thousands of life-saving malaria treatments, and prayed with thousands of people who needed help and hope. Our clinic has been rated by Ministry of Health officials as the best health care in the district, but that distinction ranks below the opportunities God gives to share the healing power of Christ!

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Let me tell you about Sarah (not her real name), one of our first patients in 2016. She is a single mother with five children, including 2-year-old triplets, Perus, Evelyn, and Anna. Sarah has an incurable, debilitating illness. Her husband abandoned his family, and she has struggled to find work and food for the children. With no husband and no job, life seemed hopeless, but God gave us the opportunity to help with her medical treatment and pray with her. She begged us to help her children, and we agreed for one of the triplets, Anna, to stay with us at the Village. Recently, when Sarah’s illness worsened, district officials from children services recommended that we also keep the other two triplets until she improves. Sarah is now trusting Jesus as her Savior, and though we don’t know what the future holds for Sarah, we know Who holds her future.  

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We share this heartbreaking but wonderful story with you to show that God is at work. Because of your generous gifts and by His mercy, we are able to save the lives of women like Sarah and lead them to Jesus. Like Sarah’s five children, God brings many children to us, and by intervening in their lives, we will change future generations for His glory. Your partnership in the Gospel is vital. Please lift our ministry and missionaries to the Lord in prayer, and please consider a financial gift before the year ends.


With much gratitude to our God and Savior,

Dr. Brenda Kowalske, Co-Founder

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