African Fruit Basket

Hand-woven Bolga fruit basket from Ghana.  Weavers are typically farm families trying to supplement their income.  They use veta vera grass to create these durable works of art that are practical for everyday use.  The leather wrapped handle adds to its durability. Each basket is unique and varies in color and design.  Please contact us for specific color or design requests.


This basket is the perfect size for a gift basket or gardening project.

Occasionally baskets compress and need to be reshaped.  This is easily done by submerging the basket in water (not the leather handle), reshape it by hand and let it dry.  Periodically submerging the basket in water and reshaping will help prolong its beauty.

Each order arrives with information on the Ghana basket and reshaping instructions.

Approximately 14″ W x 5″ H with center handle

African Fruit Basket