Noah’s Ark

Each piece is individually handcrafted.


Formed from clay which is dug from a riverbed and then thrown from person to person up the bank to reach the top, these figures are manifestly handmade from start to finish.


It takes over a month and a succession of processes to make the clay ready for molding. Dried for at least three weeks, pounded into small pieces, then dried again, black clay and red clay are mixed together to form the correct texture. Added to water, sifted, worked by hand to remove impurities, poured into a container and dried for a week, moved to a concrete slab to set, the clay is finally taken to an underground storage room, wrapped and stored in plastic. Artisans form these figures meticulously by hand from the carefully prepared clay, put them out to dry in the sun and then fire them in a brick kiln using eucalyptus wood. Wood for the fire is locally grown—a renewable, sustainable resource. After the fire dies out, they unload the kiln and the figures cool. Meanwhile, bark is collected from nearby trees and boiled in water to make a dye. As each piece is dipped into the dye it gains a beautiful bronze patina.  Made in Cameroon.  Set of 27 pieces.  Ceramic.


Diminisions: 17″ L x 8″ W x 12″ H

Noah’s Ark