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​You are invited to a night to celebrate what God is doing at the Village of Eden.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017 at 6:30pm

6:00 Doors Open, 6:30 Dinner & Program

Tickets $20 per person [Deadline August 18]

Northside Baptist Church,
200 East Park Avenue, Valdosta, Georgia

On April 12, 2012, Helping Hands Foreign Missions purchased a tract of land in a remote part of eastern Uganda. The vision for this 133 acre property was to be a self-sustaining home for orphans and vulnerable children. Today, we call this place the Village of Eden – the hub of our mission which is to make disciples as we demonstrate Christ love in practical ways among those with the greatest physical and spiritual needs. Currently over 40 children call this place home, over 150 children are being taught a quality Christian education, and nearly 2,000 children come every Saturday to hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

You are invited to this special night to celebrate the blessings of the Lord, including what is currently taking place in Uganda at the Village of Eden and the Primary Day School! Come and see what is next for this Great Commission ministry. The vision for this ministry is clear and the growth of the ministry has become overwhelmingly evident.  The Village of Eden Primary Day School has reached capacity. The next phase of the ministry is to expand to a secondary level of school for our children who are ready advance. 

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