In 2002, two doctors went on a short-term mission trip. On this trip, the courses of their lives were changed forever as well as the courses of many to come.

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Our Vision

Developing thriving and sustainable Christ-based communities among the most needy and suffering, producing disciples who follow Christ.

Our Mission

To make disciples of Christ as we demonstrate His love in practical ways among those with the greatest physical and spiritual needs.

Our Strategy

Identify areas of greatest spiritual and physical needs and create individualized Christian community models which most effectively meet those needs.
Work hand-in-hand with local, national, and international partners to develop sustainable and culturally effective communities.
Empower others who will produce spiritual fruit and physical sustainability within their native communities, country, and the world.

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The Village of Eden is a village for orphaned and vulnerable children. This 133 complex has a church, a school, a medical clinic, and housing for children and missionary staff.  Located in a remote part of eastern Uganda, our family-style homes are filled with children who come from the most desperate of situations needing the love of Christ.  Our hopes are to see these child impact make an impact for the cause of Christ in their villages and around the world. 



VInde Brazil Overview of Property 2017.jpeg

In 2018, our focus on investing in the lives of vulnerable children and families through Biblical Discipleship, Providing for Practical Needs, and Advancing Education expanded to Brazil.  The Vinde Meninos Outreach Center reaches into the poverty-stricken slums areas of this region of the world. Through this after-school program, entire families are being impacted through the intentional discipleship program.  The lives of these precious children are also being impacted through help with homework and learning new life skills. 


In 2003 Helping Hands partnered with the ministry Palabra De Vida in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Together, planning fpr a Christian complex where young people could come to camps and retreats to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 2005, Helping Hands purchased 60 acres of land and began construction of the complex. Since 2005, over 100,000 people attended events with more than 11,000 having accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior!

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The Village of Eden

Vinde Meninos Outreach Center